2nd January 2019 Carly Cotton

“With The Rise Of Instagram And Snapchat, People Are Searching For Ways To Stand Out And Be Unique”

Adweek Featured – Quynh Mai, Founder & CEO

“With the rise of Instagram and Snapchat, people are searching for ways to stand out and be unique,” Quynh Mai, founder of content agency Moving Image & Content, which works with brands like CoverGirl and Sephora, said. “This yearning has shifted consumer desire from wanting trends to wanting personalized products.”

“Consumers feel that their look, skin and hair is truly unique to who they are,” said Mai.

“It is much easier for a new brand to dive into customization, as they are able to start small with personal consultation services and offer some human level of expertise to help convert the consumer,” said Mai. “Larger corporations are burdened by infrastructure and are having a harder time delivering a bespoke experience.”

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