26th October 2018 Anthony Cospito

“Given The Boost To Nike’s Bottom Line After The Kaepernick Issue, There Is Less Risk Associated With Supporting Him”

AdWeek Featured – Quynh Mai, MI&C Founder & Anthony Cospito, Head of Strategy

While brands’ marketing during the Super Bowl has arguably been more politically charged in recent years, the kickoff of the football season coupled with Nike’s recent show of support for Kaepernick in its 30th anniversary campaign has reminded fans that “this issue is still unresolved and contentious,” noted Quynh Mai, founder of digital agency Moving Image and Content.

“In addition, the NFL’s response has been murky and vague, fueling debate and frustration on both sides,” Mai said.

“Rihanna’s rebuttal is just now adding to the dialogue that the issue with Kaepernick has transcended football and expanded to fashion [Nike] and now music [Rihanna] and entertainment [Schumer],” Mai said.

Anthony Cospito, head of strategy at digital agency Moving Image and Content, noted that “studies show consumers prefer it when brands support social causes, and it’s a cultural bonding opportunity for brands to show how their principles align with their consumers.

“Given the boost to Nike’s bottom line after the Kaepernick issue, there is less risk associated with supporting him, and similar situations, making it more attractive for brands to weigh in,” Cospito said. > READ ARTICLE

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