19th June 2018 Carly Cotton

“What’s Been Really Changing In The Age Of #MeToo Is The Shift Of Perspective”

Glossy Featured – Quynh Mai, MI&C Founder

Still, red tape and bureaucracy can create hurdles in making impactful changes within large-scale, traditional companies. Quynh Mai, founder of Moving Image and Content, said startups and direct-to-consumer brands have the biggest opportunity to make timely statements and create campaigns driving the conversion around topics like #MeToo. Companies like Everlane and Glossier, she said, have been particularly responsive to consumer feedback asking for increased inclusivity across the board, and have responded by diversifying their campaigns.

“What’s been really changing in the age of #MeToo is the shift of perspective. It’s an awareness of women being exploited, of things that were once societal norms that don’t link up anymore,” she said. > READ ARTICLE

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