7th August 2018 Carly Cotton

“Consistency Is Key, According To Quynh Mai, Founder Of Digital Shop Moving Image & Content”

ADWEEK Featured – Quynh Mai, MI&C Founder

Consistency is key, according to Quynh Mai, founder of digital shop Moving Image & Content, who explained that Aerie has won over consumers by being consistent “season after season and now year after year. … It’s not a one-off moment that then goes away because there is a new trend happening.”

“It’s almost like a clothing meme,” Mai said. “There was something in the air and they jumped on it. The two [founders] are expressing their political and personal feelings through clothing, which is incredibly important for women to be able to do, regardless of the trolls online. But I think the proof will be if they have longevity and if they can take this messaging that’s on clothing and use it in other areas.” > READ ARTICLE

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