23rd April 2018 Carly Cotton

“As An Industry, We Will Be Commissioning More Photographers, Not Less”

WWD Featured – Quynh Mai, MI&C Founder

“The industry is moving back to a more reportage/documentary style that was popular in the Nineties and early Aughts and is being reinterpreted today by the likes of Jamie Hawkesworth, Harley Weir and Alasdair McLellan. It is also bringing back the original photographers who brought its rise, like Glen Luchford, who has been shooting for Gucci. The latest crop of photographers are creating both photos as well as moving images, capturing subtle artwork for ad campaigns and magazines that are more natural, set in context and more Instagram-friendly by not being so perfect and posed.

“I predict that as an industry, we will be commissioning more photographers, not less, as the need for engaging and original content rises due to the frequency needs of digital and social. Rather than a few big talents at the top, there will be a larger pool of artists who are more collaborative, flexible and nimble in their approach meeting the needs of the new media landscape — those who have the eye to shoot visuals that are natural and ‘real life,’ which performs better in digital than the staged, posed images of the generation before.” > READ ARTICLE 

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