Bed, Bath & Beyond

In 2017, Moving Image & Content crafted a data-driven creative campaign for Bed Bath & Beyond to boosting website traffic and online sales during the Back-to-College season. Using insights developed from MI&C’s Creative Intelligence process, comedy was identified as a way to connect with students – driving spikes in conversation and engagement.

Working with influencers and top content sites, MI&C developed #Collegeproblems Solved, a campaign unifying students around shared challenges Bed Bath & Beyond could solve. The campaign generated 19.8 million engagements, reached 15 million unique viewers, garnered a 45.4% engagement rate and 384% lift in branded college search results.

Building from the success of the campaign launch, MI&C partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond for the second consecutive year IN 2018 to evolve #CollegeProblems Solved and cement the retail giant as the top-of-mind for students as they prepare for college. The social-first campaign was integrated cross-channel across print and digital for the first time this year, as we focused on conversion and the launch of their exclusive College Savings Pass. Taking a hyper-targeted approach, Bed Bath & Beyond seamlessly joined the conversation by embracing humor and internet culture in an innovative way ­like collaborating with Gibi, young ASMR talent with a loyal and engaged audience. Garnering nearly 2 million organic views, Gibi’s integration also outperformed industry benchmarks in paid placements its first couple of weeks in market, while sparking cross-channel conversation on Twitter and Reddit.

All in all, in its second year, #CollegeProblems Solved outperformed launch sign-up goals while generating 29.3 million engagements and doubling Bed Bath & Beyond’s share of voice.