For Sephora’s first-ever beauty festival “SEPHORiA: House of Beauty”, the beauty giant turned to MI&C to deliver intimacy and authenticity through the digital sphere. Analyzing audience behavior, platform best practices and competitor deep dives, we developed the content creative direction and distribution strategy to create an equally unique brand experience for both event goers and viewers at home. By understanding distinctly how our beauty-lovers engage with each social platform, we brought elements of playful-yet-meaningful graphics and animations to create a unifying visual language and identity. We also strongly emphasized the first person POV to create a stronger sense of intimacy between viewers and the event. In order to sustain the brand awareness and engagement surrounding the event, we created content that built anticipation leading up to the event, building momentum for the live coverage and a new content series “What Are You Wearing?” with the flexibility to align to Sephora’s commercial calendar beyond the event.