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Digiday: Streetwear subscription company ThreadBeast is now spending half its media budget on Instagram

“There are few places to connect with young male consumers online,” said Quynh Mai, founder and CEO of digital agency Moving Image & Content. “There’s YouTube, gaming platforms like Twitch, even Reddit, but none of those platforms give you the targeting capabilities that Facebook and Instagram have. ThreadBeast’s move away from Facebook to Instagram makes sense as brands see Facebook as a place for an older generation.”

Instagram in particular is where fashion brands find the best connection with consumers, per Mai, who added, “Instagram continues to be a really strong platform for all fashion brands because there’s still this need to be perfect and put together. Other platforms are come as you are.”

In an effort to target fashionable young men, ThreadBeast is moving its marketing dollars away from Facebook to Instagram.

“It wasn’t drastic. It wasn’t like one day we woke up and said, ‘Hey, we have to go big Instagram.’ There’s been a shift over time,” said Uday Singh, founder and CEO of the subscription box service for men’s streetwear. “I think, lately, Instagram has been the bread and butter.”

Initially, ThreadBeast spent roughly 50% of its budget on Facebook; now, it spends 25%-30% of its budget on the platform. On Instagram, however, the budget has increased from 30% three years ago to 35% two years ago to 40% last year and now 50%.

In the middle of 2018, ThreadBeast realized that its target consumers — fashionable men in their 20s — were spending more time on Instagram over Facebook where they could focus on picture and video content for fashion inspiration. “When it started becoming more obvious that this is where people are, [we said], ‘Let’s focus on how to get in front of them and use that channel,” said Singh.

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