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    In an effort to connect with their millennial audience, Express turned to MI&C for a solution. We did that by building community and giving the brand’s values greater significance through storytelling.

    What resulted was a creative concept by the name of “The Expressionists”. A collective of creators, innovators, players, and leaders, The Expressionists are an impressive group of individuals who have worked to manifest their greatest passions into vibrant lives and careers. Relatable yet inspiring, they are living proof that the Express audience can achieve their dreams on their own terms too.

    MI&C went on to produce a digital campaign to support the brand’s Holiday initiatives. The multi-faceted, highly-integrated digital campaign for The Expressionists was built with social and long-form video, photography, influencer activation and amplification, as well as on-site editorial, and paid media.

    Campaign reports show that the content outperformed in organic and paid placements, sold-out product in addition to increasing social conversation and improving sentiment around the content’s inclusivity for both diversity and size.

  • H&M

    MI&C orchestrated blockbuster social media rollouts which garnered record-breaking audiences to herald H&M’s iconic designer collaborations. Alexander Wang’s livestreamed fashion show, with its action movie-caliber stunts, was shortlisted for a Webby. The Balmain digital program was produced in under 12 hours, yet we managed to capture high-quality, premium content and spread it across multiple platforms for 35 million viewers. Kenzo’s facial mapping lens was Snapchat’s largest global activation at the time, beating engagement projections by 6x, and real-time content was created at the runway show and then spread across multi-platform channels. 

    For H&M’s tent at Coachella, we created a high-art, multi-sensorial space. Attendees made music at the interactive “body-as-instrument” wall, an aura-reading photo booth supplied highly personalized, shareable digital memories and a virtual reality experience allowed attendees to explore the molecules of a dress.

  • Coty

    MI&C worked with COTY to appeal to a new, digitally-savvy demographic for the launches of two high-fashion fragrances.

    For Miu Miu’s quirky, feminine ingénues, we drove traffic back to the brand’s site by way of chic, shareable, collage-like memes.

    For Marc Jacobs’ Decadence, we created a portal to remix images submitted by customers to fit within the campaign’s aesthetic, resulting in highly-personalized, easily-shareable content.

    The exclusive ethos of both brands were preserved while simultaneously allowing the audience to take part in and have fun with the creation process via premium user-generated content.

  • Aldo

    The Aldo Moves Me Fall 2016 campaign was created in partnership with menswear aficionados GQ and the Who What Wear style mavens. We created two premium content series: “Life on the Move” and “Girl on the Move,” both of which profiled inspiring NYC-based men and women as they moved throughout their day and spoke about how the city influences both their work and personal style. Distributed across GQ, Who What Wear, and ALDO’s channels, the stylized, engaging, and digitally-native docuseries worked to embolden their audience to move onward and upward with style.

  • Kanye West

    MI&C collaborated with Kanye West to bring his Yeezy fashion collection to a global audience during three separate seasons. We’re responsible for broadcasting and distributing Yeezy’s Season 3 collection and the global premiere of his latest album, The Life of Pablo. Held in the iconic Madison Square Garden, the global listening party was beamed live to 756 cinemas worldwide as well as multiple online platforms. There, viewers witnessed Naomi Campbell’s runway reveal and heard Kanye’s songs for the very first time. Tidal froze due to the overload. Social platforms like Twitter exploded with real-time commentary. Perfectly on-brand with West’s iconoclastic artistry, the rule-breaking event was cinematically captured on HD footage and poetically live edited. It was the most talked and written about event of the fashion season.

  • Sephora

    For the past two plus years, MI&C has been creating engaging videos and short-form content for Sephora that resonates with makeup and beauty-lovers. The films combine the relatability of DIY how-to videos with high-production and dynamic editing. The library of content drove significant traffic to Sephora’s site, solidifying them as the makeup and beauty powerhouse. To launch their Play! beauty subscription box, we created a vibrant and engaging video focusing solely on the beautiful products offered inside in an effort to excite customers about the thrill of receiving and trying new products each month.

    For the rebrand of Sephora Collection, MI&C produced product-focused, short-form videos. Using playful techniques like stop-motion and animation, we spoke to a newer, younger generation of socially savvy makeup consumers.

  • Ted Baker

    For the launch of Ted Baker’s Curiosities campaign, we worked with travel influencers to create premium content. The influencers produced city guides, nodding to the brand’s travel roots, while creating engaging, relatable, digitally-native content for their millions of followers. In order to amplify the campaign’s effectiveness, we managed a multi-platform distribution strategy generating over 240,000 click-throughs with visitors spending an impressive average of 2 minutes on the site. Analytics confirmed what we had aimed for: that most visitors had high household incomes, meeting the definition of the brand’s target consumer.

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